Autumn Hanging On

Autumn has been doing its best to hang on here in the Keweenaw! With temperatures reaching 60 degrees and little wind, Sunday turned out to be a great day to hike the service road to the top Mt. Bohemia!

The absence of below freezing temperatures so far this season near Lake Superior has allowed many trees to retain their leaves! As expected the oaks have turned to a rust color, but the aspen/birch as well as pockets of sugar maples have maintained some brighter foliage.

Along the way, we saw this trailhead for the snowshoe trails which we plan to be back to check out this coming winter!

Taking in the view of Lac La Belle and Deer Lake with Lake Superior in the distance from the top of Mt. Bohemia!

Enjoying the soon to be snow covered surroundings from atop Mt. Bohemia!

Looking out over Lac La Belle toward Bete Grise and Lake Superior! Learn more about the Mt. Bohemia Ski Area by visiting

Driving back from Mt. Bohemia, we made a stop along US 41 to check out the Seneca #3 Mine Bat Conservation Area.

Autumn sunrises do not disappoint in the Keweenaw and Monday’s was no disappointment over Portage Lake in Chassell!

The mild weather has persisted into this week which has made for excellent walking, running, and biking conditions with pockets of fall color remaining on the rail-trail Portage Lake between Chassell and Houghton! An awesome lakeward spur from the rail-trail is the Nara Nature Park boardwalk along the Pilgrim River. The changing season causes the wetland grasses surrounding the boardwalk to turn gold and the cattails go to seed resulting in a character altogether different from what you will see during the summer.

It looks like we will be receiving a reminder about the winter ahead this coming weekend, but in the meantime we will enjoy autumn as it hangs on just a bit longer! Do you have the ability to work remotely? Would you value living in a place with ubiquitous natural beauty like this that has no congestion? Consider locating in the Keweenaw where you would surround yourself with amazing places like this! Learn more about it by visiting the Remote Workforce Keweenaw webpage at