Autumn Magic

A really cool aspect of living in the Keweenaw is that you can strike out in all directions and enjoy amazing places whichever way you go! This past Sunday we drove out past Big Eric’s bridge with friends and hiked/scrambled to the top of two high points in the Huron Mountains. The fall colors have been working toward their peak with a beautiful blend of green, yellow, orange, and red painting the forests. This backdrop assured a much greater reward than the commanding views one would typically expect to receive!

Our first stop involved hiking to the top of 1,184 foot Bald Mountain. The hike started with an awesome view of the mountain’s base across a beaver pond with brightly colored foliage on the opposing shore reflected upon the pond’s still water.

We followed a two-track to the southwest base of the mountain where we began a scramble/bushwhack to the top. Going up requires tuning into your intuition as you scope out a path of least resistance! Here is my GoPro video take on what this hike involves!

The views from the top are spectacular! Looking toward the southwest, Michigan’s highest point, Mount Arvon, can be seen in the distance. Looking toward the west/northwest, Huron Bay, Point Abbaye, and Keweenaw Bay can be seen toward the horizon. Lake Superior and the Keweenaw Peninsula dominate the view across the northern horizon. East and southeasterly, Ghost Peak and Tick Mountain come into view.

We scrambled back down in a southeasterly direction toward the beaver pond. Less effort is expended going down, but it seems to require more careful stepping compared to going up! Once at the bottom, we explored the beaver dam at the pond and found additional enjoyment in the reflecting fall foliage.

Our second stop involved hiking to the top of nearby Ghost Peak. While I haven’t pulled a topographical map to determine its height, the elevation seems comparable to Bald Mountain. This hike is considerably less challenging than Bald Mountain as you are walking on a two-track through the woods followed by a scramble on a largely vegetation-free rock outcropping.

The views from on top of Ghost Peak appear to be more panoramic than on top of Bald Mountain. There is an awesome view looking back toward Bald Mountain and out toward the Huron Islands. The view over the Little Huron River and the peaks beyond it is spectacular!

Check out the GoPro video of our hike to the top of Ghost Peak at:

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