Hiking McLain State Park

Lake Superior lived up to its November reputation this past Sunday. While we didn’t quite encounter gale force winds, we did experience extremely brisk conditions along the lake during a hike at McLain State Park. Located 10 miles north from downtown Hancock, the park is an excellent place to take in the vastness and power of the big lake!

We started our hike across from the former park entrance at a parking area along M-203. We entered the woods on the south side of the road and followed the trail to Bear Lake. While we were protected from the wind in this area by the forest, Lake Superior roared loudly in the distance.

Many of the cattails along Bear Lake were going to seed which provided for some nice images on an overcast day!

From Bear Lake we hiked back across M-203 toward Lake Superior where we were met by a stiff wind out of the northwest. The lake’s rolling surf and the face-needling light frozen precipitation provided an ominous greeting!

After hiking along the exposed shoreline for a good distance, we dodged the wind by ducking into the woods. The trees provided a pleasant respite as we proceeded westward toward the breakwater and lighthouse at the north entry to the Keweenaw Waterway.

At the breakwater, we enjoyed watching the immense power of the lake as its waves exploded over the rip rap and rolled with intense repetition toward the shore as eagle soared overhead!

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