Hot Tent Paradise

The snow has started to fly a bit here in the Keweenaw, but above freezing day time temperatures have kept it from accumulating close to the lake. No cross country skiing for us yet, but one of our friends has already adventured out into his woods and fields. The firearm deer season has been in full swing this past week. It is quite like a holiday for many in this region. The week brought a couple of gorgeous sunrises. One over Portage Lake at our place here in Chassell.

The other came over US 141 just south of Covington in the course of a same day trip to northern Wisconsin.

The running conditions have remained good! I ran the Tolkien Trails at MTU on Wednesday evening with the Keweenaw Running Group (which meets outside of MTU’s SDC at 6:00 p.m.) and put in a 5 mile rail-trail run along Portage Lake from here in Chassell yesterday.

The highlight of yesterday was spending time with our friends Greg and Kim who have developed a hot tent camp on their property in Keweenaw County which will soon be listed on Airbnb! Their attention to detail with this camp will provide an outstanding and truly unique winter outdoor experience!

Visitors will snowshoe through a wooded area to the camp which has a nice outdoor kitchen/campfire area as well as a privy with a lot of character. A sauna is available a short distance away!

Definitely looking forward to the winter ahead and the opportunity to visit Greg and Kim’s hot tent camp! If you embrace winter and have the ability to work remotely, consider locating in the Keweenaw where you will be surrounded by ubiquitous natural beauty in an environment with no congestion! Learn more by visiting!