North Country Trail Adventures

The last days of summer are upon us and we find ourselves enjoying what would be exceptionally warm mid-summer weather with high temperatures in the 80s! While just about any time of year is great for getting out in the woods, enjoying the combination of rapidly emerging fall colors with no mosquitoes and warm weather is particularly awesome!

Yesterday we got out for a hike on the North Country Trail on the nearby Baraga Plains! The forested/grass/moss covered sand in this more elevated region punctuated with ponds and bogs provides a great surface and a unique environment for hiking! The hike involved an out-and-back trek on the Peter Wolfe Chapter’s segments 46 through 49 from the Tibbets Falls Trailhead up to just south of the Big Lake State Campground. The 6.2 miles covered brought my cumulative total of miles to over 100 on the North Country Trail in 2021 which resulted in my meeting the #hike100NCT Challenge for the sixth consecutive year. The North Country Trail (which spans over 4,600 miles from Vermont to North Dakota) awards both a certificate and a patch to those who meet the 200 mile challenge.

For those who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, the Peter Wolfe Chapter of the NCT (which runs from M-64 south of Silver City to Long Lake west of Craig Lake State Park) provides a broad range of hiking opportunities across varying terrain. Except for the more popular spots within the Peter Wolfe Chapter (including Canyon Falls, Tibbets Falls, O Kun de Kun Falls, and Old Victoria), it is extremely unusual to run into another person while hiking the trail. You will be rewarded with both solitude and outstanding natural beauty when you spend time on this incredible trail asset!

Two spruce grouse encounters provided the highlights of the day on yesterday’s hike! I was able to get very close to capture this photo below of a male on the trail which eventually flew up into a tree with two females.

Thanks for following along! If you would like to see more about the Peter Wolfe Chapter of the North Country Trail, you might want to check out my North Country Trail Pinterest board at: and my North Country Trail playlist on YouTube at: If you embrace winter and have the ability to work remotely, consider locating in the Keweenaw! If you would appreciate living in a place with ubiquitous natural beauty that has no congestion, we may be one of the most amazing places you have never heard of before! If you would like to learn more, visit Remote Workforce Keweenaw!